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ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". The definition of enterprise resource planning is an integrated software solution used to manage a company's resources. ERP systems integrate all business management functions, including planning, inventory/materials management, engineering, order processing, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting and finance, human resources, and more.

The benefits derived from ERP can far outweigh the costs of the system, providing that the system is selected carefully and is appropriate for your company from a feature, cost, and technology standpoint. Some of the benefits realized are:

  • A single integrated system
  • Streamlining processes and workflows
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes
  • Establish uniform processes that are based on recognized best business practices
  • Information sharing across departments
  • Improved access to information
  • Improved workflow and efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction based on improved on-time delivery, increased quality, shortened delivery times
  • Reduced inventory costs resulting from better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements
  • Turn collections faster based on better visibility into accounts and fewer billing and/or delivery errors
  • Decrease in vendor pricing by taking better advantage of quotation comparison and tracking vendor performance
  • Track actual costs of activities and perform activity based costing
  • Provide a consolidated picture of sales, inventory and receivables

An ERP system provides the solid operational backbone manufacturers and distributors need to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs. By optimizing your manufacturing and distribution operations with ERP, you'll also be able to focus on new business opportunities.

Below are the indications that you need a new ERP now:

  • Increasing customer complaints about poor service
  • Using Manual and multiple systems for the same task
  • Failing to get accurate, up-to-date information for decision-making
  • Using handwritten notes as it's easier to jot it down than use the current system
  • Having to enter the same data into more than one system
  • Inability to expand the business due to limitations of current information system
  • Lost or corrupted data
  • Dependency on others for completion of your task

Cost Benefit Analysis

The cost of ERP implementation versus the benefit derived post implementation is a critical factor for consideration. An ERP should help overcome the cost and continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Business Specific Requirements Implementation

Although the basic operation model is standard in every industry vertical, there are exceptions that make yours' unique. An ERP should account for and cater to each exception and meet the precise requirements of your business.

Unrealistic Implementation Expectations

ERP sales representatives often understate the level of resources required to close the deal. Therefore, many companies fail to budget adequate time, money, resources and external consulting support to make the project successful.

Modules Selection

An ERP consists of multiple modules. However, a business should limit the scope of the implementation to the module(s) needed to meet its operational goals. An attempt to overachieve can lead to failure.

Cost of Implementation

ERP implementation can be a long and expensive process. Businesses should identify the deliverables and relevant cost implications for development and deployment of various modules along with the timeline. Cost of ownership of the required hardware system is a onetime expense, however the cost of upgradation and maintenance should be carefully considered as well. Additionally, salaries of IT managers and trained operators will remain a recurring cost.

Employee Feedback on the ERP

Your employees will be the key stakeholders impacted by the ERP implementation. Consequently, employees from every department should preview the product to ensure their respective requirements and concerns are addressed.

Selection of the ERP Vendor

Technology and business process implementation are generally the pillars to short list ERP vendors. However, the credibility of the vendor and testimonials to back the service quality should not be discounted.

Selection of the ERP Vendor

Technology and business process implementation are generally the pillars to short list ERP vendors. However, the credibility of the vendor and testimonials to back the service quality should not be discounted.

Long Term Planning

Although the primary criteria for ERP selection will be the current business requirements, future enhancements and requirements should also be considered and relevant provision should be maintained in the ERP.

Post Implementation Support

A lot of issues arise once an organization starts using the implemented ERP system. Unless the issues are addressed appropriately and in a timely manner, the ERP cannot function smoothly.

With over 25000 installation and 20 years of domain expertise in Financial Applications, ERP development and implementation, exactllyERP is an Integrated Business Management Solution designed to integrate the various functional areas in an organization. It serves a growing organization to redefine its operation with streamlined business processes. On the other hand, it provides a competitive edge to struggling organizations with an insight at the key metrics.

exactllyERP caters to multiple business functions of an organization with various modules such as:

  • Finance
  • Assets
  • Sourcing & Payables
  • Sales and Receivables
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resource and Payroll
  • Business Intelligence Tools

Customized to your Business Requirements

Although the basic operation model is standard in every industry vertical, there are exceptions that make yours' unique. We limit the scope of the implementation to the module(s) needed to meet your operational goals and customize to meet your precise business requirements.

Solution within your Budget

exactllyERP specializes and caters to business requirements of small and medium scale enterprises (SME). Consequently, low cost of ownership and maintenance is the defining element of our product. The modules, routines and reports are customized to meet your precise business requirements. Quality is our hallmark and we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Go Live in 20 Days

Smart back end programming allows for quick configuration and deployment of new modules. exactllyERP can be deployed in less than 20 days - in an era where ERP solutions take months to go live.

Advanced Analytics

Features such as Predefined Reports, Pivot Tables for data analysis, Report Writer for customized reports, Document Designer for preferred layout, and Multi-Company to maintain accounts of your subsidiary, help the management team organize data points and access advanced analytical functions to track key metrics.

Built-in controls

exactllyERP also allows configuration of appropriate validation and controls to minimize costs and optimize productivity. For example, expense limitations, customized approval workflows, audit tracking on transactions.

User Friendly

Customizable dashboard and favourites window for your ease-in-use.

Client Server Architecture Technology

The 3-tier architecture provides high level security in terms of data management and grouping access rights. High data processing speed provides the ultimate working experience.

Location Independent Application

Multi-location data synchronization allows updated information at any given point of time.

The return on investment from implementing exactllyERP system can be very attractive.

Return on investment does not just imply in terms of financial gain. It can be in terms of the growth in productivity, efficiency, or in terms of overall improvement in the performance of the company or even to the extent of better transparency in the operations being carried out by the firm and of course, the satisfaction of the users.

exactllyERP automates your entire system while seamlessly integrating them resulting and fast and accurate movement of data reducing redundancy and effect caused by delay. exactllyERP helps you deliver solid customer satisfaction by improving on-time shipments, automating clerical tasks, reducing inventory and providing solid information to make decisions on.

The Shop Floor chaos is eliminated by proper scheduling and material control. Billing and delivery errors are eliminated using system automation. These benefits certainly boost your productivity, reduce extra costs and overheads and ultimately increased ROI.

The two essential factors determining the ROI and Payback potential are Installation and implementation of the software. exactllyERP offers an outstanding implementation and installation packages thereby offering its clients unique and effective software solutions for their organization resulting in superior business operations and profits.

We are proud to say that our implementation process is fastest in the world today. Our on-time implementation guarantees go-live in just twenty days.

At a time when the SMBs are fast adopting the latest IT business solutions, anyone who does not keep with this pace and will be left behind. Keeping this in mind and to help the SMBs to implement an ERP with minimum investment exactllyERP has developed an affordable ERP which will suit their needs and wallet.

exactllyERP is developed mainly in dot.net. The dot net application runs faster and is highly secured and cost effective. It also leverages the Server/Client, allowing you to work on any technology, be it LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

For Server

  • Processor - Intel Xeon processor, 2.xx Ghz or faster
  • RAM - Minimum 8GB RAM
  • Hard Disk - Minimum - 25 GB free space
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32 or 64 bit) RDBMS - Microsoft SQL 2008

For Client

  • Processor - Intel Core i3 processor, 2.xx Ghz or faster
  • RAM - Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk - Minimum 10 GB free space
  • Operating system - Microsoft Windows XP or 7 (32 or 64 bit)

For Remote Access

  • 8Mbps Broadband or 4 Mbps Internet Lease Line recommended at server 4Mbps Broadband or 1 Mbps Internet Lease line recommended at Client VPN Setup or One Static IP for accessing the remote server. Latest .
  • Net Framework features with all sub components

exactllyERP is scalable completely; in all terms, whether it is database, licensed user or features. exactllyERP uses Microsoft SQL Server, which can house many terabytes of data. So no matter how much your inputs grow, exactllyERP is capable to scale without changing the database.

The number of users who can log-on to the system at any one time is however, limited by the number of concurrent user licenses you have purchased. Additional user licenses can be purchased at any time.

The exactllyERP system is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We have many features to reduce system administration efforts including Auto Update, Auto Backup and Auto Database Maintenance. In addition exactllyERP offers remote administration where we can provide support from our offices. Once the system is set-up and installed, it the only routine maintenance and system administration required is adding new users or changing user security profiles.

Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, Exactlly provides training to your employees. If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, we can even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives.

At Exactlly we have also developed Training Videos where functionality and modules are explained in details, such videos are very well accepted and appreciated by our existing users.

It is helps to provide on-time, on target support to our all customers irrespective of where their branches or offices are located. Also our consultants can connect on your server on real time for any kind of support required or maintenance.

We offer annual maintenance programs that include technical support for your ERP system, or we can provide technical support on an individual incident basis.

exactllyERP technical support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or electronically.

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